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Cleaning Prices

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We believe that each unique job should have its unique price. Thus depending on the service you need, you will have a custom price offer. What we have learnt is that not all residential or commercial properties have the same needs. That is why we have flexible price offers that cater to the special needs that our clients may have.

We have carefully looked into the domestic and commercial cleaning services offered by Fast Cleaners Southwark and formulated the cheapest service rates for our clients. We want to enable all our clients to get value for their money thus our amazing hourly and fixed rate prices for all cleaning services offered.

Our hourly prices helps our clients pay for the time taken in offering cleaning services thus eliminating pool payments that see clients paying a particular amount regardless of the nature of cleaning they require. Such measures have seen our clients benefit from cost effective cleaning packages offered by our company.

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Our fixed cleaning prices are determined by the cleaning method used and the size of the item or location to be cleaned. This form of pricing is usually used in the cleaning of carpets, curtains, floors, and upholstery. Cleaning of floors prices are carried out by measuring the size of the room.

The type of cleaning to be implemented will dictate the price. When it comes to cleaning a carpet, the type of carpet usually dictates the cleaning method to be used. The size of the carpet also determines the price since different carpet sizes have different cleaning prices.

We are always ready to discuss on the prices you will be offered for our cleaning services. We largely rely on the information that you can give us about the location to be cleaned to come up with affordable cleaning prices for you. This means that you need to provide us with accurate information for accurate pricing.

Weekly Domestic Cleaning

£17.00/ hour
  • 2 hours or more

Fortnightly House Cleaning

£17.00/ hour
  • 3 hours or more

One-Off Spring Cleaning

£20.00/ hour
  • 5 hours, minimum

After Builders Cleaning Service

£20.00/ hour
  • 5 hours, minimum

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