Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

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Privacy Policy

Fast Cleaners Southwark is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all client information we collect. This helps us treat all clients with the respect and confidentiality that they deserve.

Client information and privacy

When seeking personal information from clients, the company will identify valid reasons for seeking such information before collecting it. In case of the use of client’s personal information, then the client’s consent is sought before their information is used.

When it comes to collection of client’s personal information, the company tries to keep it to the minimum. This means limited collection of client’s personal information and only taking details that are necessary to carry out the purpose that was earlier explained to the client.

There is also limited use of client’s personal information. Our cleaning company is not free to use client’s personal information at will before notifications are sent to the client seeking the client’s permission.

Openness with company policies

Fast Cleaners Southwark is determined to keep a good personal relationship with clients. This is enhanced through open communications. We strive to maintain openness when it comes to the company’s privacy policies to ensure that clients are at par with all the services that we have to offer.

They also gain knowledge as to the manner they should act when dealing with the company. We also make information about the company and its management open to the clients and other employees.

What happens to the personal information collected?

We collect personal information from clients in order to facilitate better customized services. We do not share client’s personal information with third parties unless the information required is mandated by the law. We neither sell nor trade client’s private information available on our website or offices.

If you need any other details regarding our cleaning services or the cleaning prices we offer, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3322 7049.