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We have a list of agreeable terms to help our clients get to know us and our services better. We use these terms as our guide as we offer cleaning services to commercial and residential places. They act as a compass steering us in the right direction thus availing our clients the best services possible.

Booking: All clients are expected to book our cleaning services in advance. We follow the first come first serve basis. We do not give special preferences in bookings to clients who make late bookings while seeking immediate service delivery.

Terms and Conditions When You Hire Our Cleaning Services

Cancellations: Clients can cancel an appointment as long as it is not done less than 24 hours in advance. We do not accept late cancellation and in such a case, the client incurs a late cancellation fine.

Appointment times: We take appointments seriously thus ensure that the cleaners report to duty 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows for setup thus the start of cleanup in good time and completing cleaning as scheduled.

Tips: While we pay our cleaners, you can choose to tip them for an excellent job. If you wish, the tip can be deducted from your debit card and be handed to the cleaner.

Breakage and loss: In case of breakage or loss of your property, you are expected to give a notification to the company within 48 hours. The notification can be issued by phone or email. In such a scenario, the cleaning company will be in a position to handle the incident and arrange for a referral. Failure to report in good time frees Fast Cleaners Southwark from taking liability over the damage or loss.

Cleaning products and equipment: Our cleaning team come equipped with cleaning products as well as equipment for use. This allows them to use items they have been well trained to use.

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